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Lil Wayne hospitalized for Seizures

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by NerveDjs own DjBigO317

Lil Wayne was hospitalized earlier this week after suffering more seizures. The rapper had multiple seizures on Tuesday night while filming a music video in Los Angeles and was taken to Cedars-Sinai hospital. According to Reuters he was released the next morning, and is currently recovering.


I hope to see Lil Wayne get better, alot of these entertainers are so caught up in getting the money they tend to forget about there own personal health. Lil Wayne is a father first before he is the entertainer that we all know & care for. My personal messgae to Lil Tunchi aka Lil Wayne family over everything first, the money aint goin anywere, but ur health is. If you want to be or not alot of kids look up to you so for once make a smart decision & lead by example.

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Bullies~ Youuuuuuu Muth@#$%^^&*#(#

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What does it take to be a Bully? Well lets see, lack of intelligence, insecurities, low self worth, and a healthy dose of good ole ignorance! And if youre a bully and youre reading this you are probably thinking ( he/she ) wore that outfit, they were asking for it. WRONG YOUUUUUU MUTHA^&*()*&^% maybe they wore what they wore because its all their family could afford at the time. Since you clearly are in a superior position to judge, Maybe your balling a$$ family should buy them what you believe they need to be wearing. Besides since when does what you wear dictate how well you do in school. You mutha&%$###$%! You think because you got a pair of Jordans on it makes you better than the person you bullying, WRONG. Its just means you NEED expensive shoes to validate YOUR WORTH. I Believe you ( BULLIES ) need a class in self ESTEEM. Clearly you could benefit from it …YOU MUTHA@%$#@$#%Z! THIS IS JUST THE BEGINNING! kCAneMarkCO and NuORDER ENT FAM for ANTI – BULLYING – NATIONWIDE.