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Jay Z Getting Sued For Over Half A Billi? (DET

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New Money, They’re Looking Down On Him:

The 55th Annual GRAMMY Awards - Backstage And Audience

New Money, They’re Looking Down On Him: Is Jay Z Getting Sued For Over Half A Billi? (DETAILS)
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Jan 23, 2014 By Susie O.

Jay Z attends a press conference in support of the proposed bid by Forest City Ratner to redevelop Nassau Coliseum, held at Nassau County Police Department headquarters in Mineola
Really, half a billi?
Jay Z just got slapped with a $600 million lawsuit and it’s all because of an angry entrepreneur who claims he trademarked the name “Brooklyn Nets” way before the team moved out of New Jersey.
According to RadarOnline:
“Dr. Francois de Cassagnol, filed a pro se complaint with the Eastern District of the State of New York on December 9, 2013, asking for a juried trial over the matter — and $600 million in damages, at least… de Cassagnol claims that the NBA, Jay Z, and developer Bruce Ratner ”fraudulently conspired” to use “loopholes” in the U.S. Patent Office so that they could use a term he says he registered more than ten years ago. Indeed, documents submitted as evidence show that de Cassagnol filed applications in 2012 for “The Brooklyn Nets Entertainment Logo,” which was first used in the State of Louisiana back in 2003.”
Dr. Francois de Cassagnol also claims that before the team officially moved to Brooklyn, he met with officials at the New Jersey Nets organization who assured him the name “Brooklyn Nets” would not be used.
The site reports that a previous patent appeal found in favor of the NBA, explaining that de Cassagnol filed his paperwork long after reports emerged about the team.
This is definitely messy business, but as we all know, Jay Z will never stop going hard for his borough. Is he partly to blame? In this case, we hope not.
And he doesn’t seem to be bother by the situation. Not even a little. Jay Z’s friend and photog Kodak Lens posted the below photo of Jay laid out like Andy Warhol with the caption:


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Do You Smell What Richard Sherman Is Cooking?!!! The NFL Star’s Epic Rant (VIDEO)

Jan 20, 2014 By Evanka Williamson

Um… so last night was a little intense in the world of football.
Richard Sherman went just a little cray cray yesterday evening, delivering a WWE-style, post-game rant for the books after he sealed his team’s spot in Super Bowl XLVIII.


Have You Heard The Story of LaVena Johnson?

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Have You Heard The Story of LaVena Johnson?
DECEMBER 30, 2013


Have you heard of the story of LaVena Johnson?

levana-johnson-silent-truthLaVena Johnson was a soldier who enlisted in the Army in 2003. She was the first woman from Missouri to die in Iraq. What happened to this young black woman was appalling. She was found in her tent with a gunshot wound to the head, a broken nose, black eye, loose teeth, acid burns on her genitals, and a trail of blood leading away from her tent. What’s even more appalling is the Department of Defense has officially ruled her death a suicide.

The autopsy report and photographs revealed that her death was inconsistent with a suicide, and looked consistent with a rape-murder, but as far as the U.S. Criminal Investigative Command for the Army is concerned the case remains closed. Her father became suspicious when he saw her body in the funeral home and decided to investigate. At first the Department of the Army refused to release information, but eventually it did under the Freedom of Information Act after Pat Tillman’s death. In 2010, a documentary about her family’s struggle to uncover the truth about her death called LaVena Johnson: The Silent Truth was released. Here’s a clip below:

Now tell me if this doesn’t make you mad son?