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Unsung Hero: Stacy Robinson

Written by kCAne MarkCO on . Posted in Music

FOUND THIS POST ON FB, and felt the NEED to share it.

“For those of you who are wondering who is this man in the picture.
For some of you may know about an incident occurred that a pregnant woman named Ebony Wilkerson attempted to drown her kids in a SUV in the ocean. He and another man saw and heard the kids scream for help and rescued the children. You see our hero carry the kids out of the car.


Reason why I’m showing a photo of our hero is that mainstream media isn’t giving this man credit to where it’s due or showing his face that much. I think you and I know the answer to that.
All I can say to our hero Stacy Robinson thank you for taking action instead of standing there doing nothing. Thank you for saving those children.
Even though those kids are going to be haunted they’ll remember that hero who risked his life and carried the them to safety.
Once again Stacy Robinson thank you”