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Bullies~ Youuuuuuu Muth@#$%^^&*#(#

Written by kCAne MarkCO on . Posted in Blog, News

What does it take to be a Bully? Well lets see, lack of intelligence, insecurities, low self worth, and a healthy dose of good ole ignorance! And if youre a bully and youre reading this you are probably thinking ( he/she ) wore that outfit, they were asking for it. WRONG YOUUUUUU MUTHA^&*()*&^% maybe they wore what they wore because its all their family could afford at the time. Since you clearly are in a superior position to judge, Maybe your balling a$$ family should buy them what you believe they need to be wearing. Besides since when does what you wear dictate how well you do in school. You mutha&%$###$%! You think because you got a pair of Jordans on it makes you better than the person you bullying, WRONG. Its just means you NEED expensive shoes to validate YOUR WORTH. I Believe you ( BULLIES ) need a class in self ESTEEM. Clearly you could benefit from it …YOU MUTHA@%$#@$#%Z! THIS IS JUST THE BEGINNING! kCAneMarkCO and NuORDER ENT FAM for ANTI – BULLYING – NATIONWIDE.