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In Hawthorne, California, officers were called to a residence on 137th St. and Jefferson Ave, where and armed robbery had taken place. When they arrived the to suspects hid inside the home and refused to come out. Officers were then led to sit there until they could negotiate with the armed robbers.The police called for back up, which involved their SWAT team and the armored truck for raids.

During this, civilians were filming the excitement. But to every one’s surprise, a very shocking disturbing incident accorded! Another civilian, identified as Leon Rosby, was driving by with his 2-year old hefty rottweiler, Max, in the back seat of the car. Rosby proceeded to slow down, then parked his car. He hopped out of his car, obviously forgetting to turn down his music. He got Max out to stretch his legs, on his leash. Rosby was just as curious as the rest of the people, watching the entertainment in their neighborhood. He also pulled his phone out and started filming the “show”. While Max is sniffing around, by his owners side.

Officers then approach Rosby, yelling over at him. Rosby puts Max in the back seat of the car. Being nervous, Rosby forgets to roll up his windows. He walks to the officers, only to get handcuffed. The officers are a little to rough with him, which aggravated his pup. Max, being as protective as any dog over their owner, jumped out the back window in hopes to help his companion. Rosby tells Max to back, Max begins to calm down, sniffing the ground. Another officer appears out of no where, with his gun drawn. The officer keeps walking toward the dog, Max jumps at him. I mean, what dog wouldn’t, if a stranger is invading it’s space? The officer shoots one shot, which looked like he got Max’s leg. Max backs off. The officer shoots 3 more rounds into Max! You can see the upset owner, in handcuffs, forced to watch his best friend suffer. Max was left, twitching in pain until he took his last breath.

The officer that shot Max, Lieutenant Scott Swain, said this reguarding the incident…

“And I know it’s the dog’s master, and more than likely not going to attack him, (but) we’ve got a guy handcuffed that’s kind of defenseless. We have a duty to defend him, too.”

Yes officer, good job for saving Rosby from his own dog! Because Max had saw the perfect opportunity to attack his owner! Good one.

Leon Rosby speaks…

Okay, in March, Leon Rosby had sued the police department claiming civil right violations, false imprisonment, and battery stemming from an incident that happened last summer. Could this be an act of the police trying to get him back for suing them? Very well could be. I hope justice is served for the loss of this dog’s life.

kCANE MarkCO – (FUCK BULLIES) You Didn’t Wanna Be A HATER

Story By: vəˈvāSHəs Voice…the VOICE from the MIDWEST


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“When I say MIDWEST, you say LUV!”…big words coming from the man himself, MTV Licensed Artist, kCAne MarkCO! kCAne reps the midwest to the fullest!

Coming fresh off of the Anti Bullying Bully / Basher Tour, kCAne MarkCO will be bringing the MADE IN THE MIDWEST MUSIC TOUR into ELKHART,INDIANA with Nerve Djs own Marquise DjSquad574 Jackson & Oliver DjBigO317 Jackson of South Bend,Indiana.


Catch him performing the the midwest anthem, “MIDWEST LUV” on the stage of your very own Half-Time Sports Bar! It’s going down on July 13th, 2013 from 10pm to 3am. Make sure you have 5 dollars in your pocket for the door man and dress to impress! kCAne has lyrical magic for the haters, “Didn’t Wanna Be A Hater”, the Anti Bullying Anthem.

kCAne is bringing along the rest of the AlphaPak, including BLaCK!, A-1 da LAST Drop, CBG, Squadgang Turk, and T Lew. AlphaPak is known for tearing up stages and getting the crowd hype! Save your energy for the hot single “JUMP (ALL WE WANNA DO)”, you will be left with some construction to your town after this song is over! Think I’m joking? Find out for yourself!


BORN and RAISED in St. Louis, Missouri, kCAne MarkCO began spittin’ rhymes in cyphers on corners and at parks in his hood, eventually making his way through Chicago, landing in Indiana. kCAne has family all over the MID WEST! It’s hard to say who he identifies with in the music game, simply because he is one of a kind!

When he records and raps, it is just him having a conversation that happens to flow with rhymes. Making music is what he loves doing…the kind of music that gets your blood flowing and your brain thinking! Meet kCAne MarkCO the MIDWEST Juggernaut!