Stephen Collins—who played the wholesome patriarch Reverend Camden on 7th Heavenand also has played a recurring role on It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia—was recorded admitting to child sex abuse of at least three different 10 to 13-year-old-girls in a conversation with his ex-wife and a therapist. You can listen to the horrifying audio here.

The recording is allegedly from 2012, when Collins and ex-wife Faye Grant were in the midst of an acrimonious divorce. California law allows for secret recordings when gathering evidence that someone committed a violent felony (for which molestation of a child under 14 qualifies), so Grant brought her tape recorder into a therapy session and asked several pointed questions that yielded disturbing, specific answers from Collins.

The incidents all happened in New York, and the NYPD has launched an investigation. They’ve already flown to LA to interview Grant, and although decades have passed since the molestations Collins could still be charged.

We’ll have more on this horrible revelation as further details come in.