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Indianapolis Indiana based Dj Oliver “DjBigO317” Jackson creates
“The Bully Bashier Tour”
story by: DjSquad574

Hey everyone its DjSquad574 the youngest of NerveDjs at age 15yrs. I Just Found out that out of all the tours going on around the country this is only one I would go see & Support. Its called the “The Bully Basher Tour” created by Oliver “DjBigO317” Jackson of Indianapolis,In ft. KCAne MarkCO of St.Louis,Mo & A1dalastdrop.of Ft.Myers,Florida. You all ask why go see & support such a show because I’m a 15yr old freshman & I see the Bulling on a daily in my school here in Indianapolis,In.

I seen the News footage from Fox28 News & the videos online, I feel they really care about whats going on inside of these school walls, it takes a special person to even come to head with that thought saying I wanna make a difference, these are the words from DjBigO317 who has been in the music industry well over 30 years. “Every were I go in big cities & small towns while im on tour I always read the local news paper & front page, local school kid kills them self do to been bullied” I asked why you? Why not me someone has to stand up for our youth, so I decided to grab a few indie artist who were already out on tour run the entire idea by them since they are on Mtv already so I new the kids would listen to someone they see on Tv & Internet faster than if they were a teacher or parent. Below is one of the News Links while they are on tour.. … #AntiBulling & #BullyBasherTour #BentonHarbor,Mi

To Book the Bully Bashing Tour to your local school or college contact
Oliver “DjBigO317” Jackson 317-701-5285 or follow him on Twitter @DjBigO317

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