Rapper Cool C to be executed for 1996 Murder of …

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Cool C, who was given the death penalty for killing a police officer in 1996, has been given a date for his execution.

Cool C has spent the last 18 years in prison following a 1996 murder conviction. The Philadelphia rap legend was given the death penalty when he was found guilty for the murder of of police officer Lauretha Vaird in a robbery attempt assisted by Steady B, a fellow member of his rap group, C.E.B.

The rapper was initially scheduled to be given a lethal injection on March 9, 2006, but the governor of Pensylvania granted a delay on the execution. Cool C has now been issued a new date. His execution will now take place on January 8th 2015.

Cool C was best known for his Juice Crew diss track, and “The Glamorous Life” as a solo artist. You can watch the video for the latter below.




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