A Woman Was Tasered & Dragged Out Of Her Car For Videotaping The Police

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A Baltimore woman caught the PD in their own lie

Kianga Mwamba was driving home earlier this year–March 30 to be exact–when a nearby confrontation between an officer and a civilian peaked her interest. According to Mwamba, the police were kicking and using excessive force to arrest the man they were trying to take into custody, 27-year old Cordell Bruce, and she began to record the incident. About halfway through the video clip, which you can see above, a police officer notices Mwamba recording them and initially directs her to keep it moving. Mwamba doesn’t immediately react to the officer’s suggestion, which prompted the officer to walk up to Mwamba’s car and tell her to pull her car over, which is where things get dicey.

Mwamba asks repeatedly, “You telling me I can’t record?” before agreeing to park her car. Quite abruptly, Mwamba is cut off–verbally–and an officer is demanding that she get out of her car. Mwamba was then allegedly dragged out of the car, which explains the commotion that immediately follows the officer’s demands in the video. She can be heard screaming, “He’s burning me. He’s burning me,” and what sounds like a taser being used on her immediately follows that. Shortly after, a male officer is heard calling Mwamba a “dumb b*tch,” and Mwamba was soon arrested for trying to run over an officer–charges that were eventually dropped.

When authorities returned Mwamba’s phone to her, the video she took had “disappeared”, but she was able to recover it thanks to her Cloud account, and she is seeking $7 million in damages in a lawsuit that she’s brought upon the Baltimore City Police Department.

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REPORT: ‘Hit The Floor’ Star Stephanie Moseley Killed By Boyfriend Earl Hayes In Murder-Suicide

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Stephanie Moseley - Earl Hayes


Stephanie Moseley, the gorgeous actress and dancer from VH1’s scripted series, “Hit The Floor” was killed by her boyfriend in an apparent murder-suicide on Monday morning.

“Hit the Floor” star Stephanie Moseley is dead …. after a murder-suicide involving her rapper boyfriend … a member of Floyd Mayweather’s Money Team … TMZ has learned.

We’re told residents at a swanky L.A. apartment complex near The Grove heard shots ring out early Monday morning. The SWAT team raced to the scene and knocked down the door of an apartment … and found 2 people shot to death.

The rapper Earl Hayes — who was once signed to Mayweather’s record label — often partied with Floyd. Moseley has been a backup dancer with numerous singers, including Chris Brown and Britney Spears.

It’s unclear who shot who … but residents heard a woman screaming.

Sources connected with Moseley and Hayes tell TMZ … he had accused her of infidelity with a famous singer.

Stephanie was an accomplished dancer who has toured with the likes of Janet Jackson, Jennifer Lopez,Beyonce, and many other top names in the music industry.


It’s extremely sad to hear of this tragedy.

Stephanie’s good friend, Lance Gross, offered his condolences.

So sad hearing of this news today. Your spirit will live on. Beautiful inside & out. Rest in the Sunshine.

Swizz Beatz, who was best friends with Earl, is devastated by the shocking news.

RIP to one of my best friends in the world!! @earlhayes I’m sick & hurt about this news. I’m sending my deepest condolences to your family #ripearlhayes Wow this can’t be real!

Chris Brown remembered Stephanie Moseley via Instagram.

RIP baby girl. Danced with me on tour and was always the coolest person. My prayers go out to you and HAZE family.

Our thoughts and prayers are with both families during this difficult time.




Beanie Sigel Shot in Pleasantville, NJ

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Beanie Sigel Shot in Pleasantville, NJ

Rapper Cool C to be executed for 1996 Murder of …

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Cool C, who was given the death penalty for killing a police officer in 1996, has been given a date for his execution.

Cool C has spent the last 18 years in prison following a 1996 murder conviction. The Philadelphia rap legend was given the death penalty when he was found guilty for the murder of of police officer Lauretha Vaird in a robbery attempt assisted by Steady B, a fellow member of his rap group, C.E.B.

The rapper was initially scheduled to be given a lethal injection on March 9, 2006, but the governor of Pensylvania granted a delay on the execution. Cool C has now been issued a new date. His execution will now take place on January 8th 2015.

Cool C was best known for his Juice Crew diss track, and “The Glamorous Life” as a solo artist. You can watch the video for the latter below.




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